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All the logo’s above will tell you the story of what I have been  doing this 5 days (22-26 June 2009). I just came back on yesterday evening for some settlements and internet surfing..heh. And I will continue the ‘activity’ for another 2 months and 3 weeks, which is about another 55 days, just the same duration that the internship took me last year in UMBI. You wanna know my ‘activity’, just google them la..hahaha…what? Don’t know the meaning of UMBI also? Google it also laa…hahaha…


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  1. 1ariff.arifin

    usen.posting apekah ini?

    usen. anda telah menipu saya untuk meng-klik read more……


  2. 2husainibrahim

    Hahahaha…arep..hahaha… :p

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